Comprehensive implementation of amoCRM
TOP 3 certified partner of amoCRM from Russia

  • We conduct an audit of business processes, write a project, make a term of reference.
  • We configure amoCRM and digital pipeline for comfortable work.
  • We integrate mailer, chats, IP telephony, social networks, and cloud services.
  • We provide full training and provide technical support.

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Alexandr Mygakov
Founder Comanda F5
Now you can absolutely say that the implementation of CRM in the business is inevitable for any company. Those who still work in Excel spreadsheets are already lagging behind competitors and will eventually lose.
What we do
Analysis of company
Important! We share our experience. We describe business processes. We are brainstorming on how to close all the processes of your company on amoCRM to sell more using the same people.
Setup amoCRM and services
You will get a correctly configured system that is controlled from anywhere in the world and scales easily. Customization is implemented according to the results of the analysis of your business processes.
Integration with web-site
Automatic forwarding of all applications from the site in CRM will save you from the daily routine work, save you from errors and allow you to process applications more efficiently and quickly.
Integration telephony
Calls and conversations are recorded, new customers are distributed, current calls are immediately assigned to those in charge. Voice menu with the choice of employee or department.
Traffic sources
Customers come to your company from different channels. For a manager, this is completely unimportant, the manager always communicates with clients in a single window, and all communications will be maintained in amoCRM.
Setup digital pipeline
Powerful marketing tool in amoCRM. It will allow you to automatically warm up "thinking" customers, to return those who refused, to encourage them to re-sell already bought and all this without your participation.
End-to-end analytics ROI
Customers come to you from different sources. It is important to see not the number of visits to the site, but the profit sales from each channel. You will have a powerful tool for end-to-end analytics of sales sources and the calculation of payback for each channel.
Employee training
After our training, managers will love the amoCRM system. Always know their next step, focus on tasks and do not waste time. Do not sabotage the implementation procedure. They can contact us directly for any advice.
Individual improvements
We integrate any service with CRM through the API. Integration with an online store, with a warehouse or a cloud service. Any individual improvements amoCRM of any your tasks and processes.
Alexandr Mygakov
Company founder
Founder of Comanda F5. Businessman with 7 years of experience analyzing business processes of various companies
Marina Terekhina
Financial director
The experienced specialist in the field of building a sales department, controlling employees, working out motivation and KPI in the company
Alexandr Sobolev
Managing partner
Business analyst specialist with 5 years experience.
Marina Sitkova
Senior Systems Analyst Specialist
Elena Nikolaeva
Manager of Moscow office
Zina Chuplygina
Senior Systems Analyst Specialist
Denis Navarnov
Systems Analyst Specialist
Alexandr Pushkin
Systems Analyst Specialist
Mikhail Kulanov
System Analyst Specialist

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